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Award Presentation Worksheet

Do you have an upcoming employee recognition speech to give? Are you presenting at your organization’s next recognition event or banquet? Download our handy Award Presentation Worksheet! Simply print and fill out a worksheet for each employee you are recognizing. Be sure to show your appreciation with meaningful, relevant facts and stories of your employees. Give each individual’s worksheet special thought and consideration. Your employees will love what you have to say about them!

Cash Awards: They cost more than you may have expected

When a company presents their employee with a cash award, the Internal Revenue Service requires that the cash amount must be treated as ordinary income by the employer. What are the implications of this?

For the employee, ordinary income is subject to Federal and State payroll withholding taxes, and FICA Social Security and Medicare withholding. For the employer, ordinary income is subject to the employer’s contribution toward FICA Social Security and Medicare, and State and Federal Unemployment Insurance. In addition, the employer usually has insurance costs for Workers Compensation and Short/Long Term Disability as an obligation based upon employee earnegend wages.

Award Concepts Celebrates 30 Years

Award Concepts Celebrates 30 Years

Award Concepts Celebrates 30th Anniversary

2015 marks thirty years of providing excellent employee recognition solutions

June 3, 2015 – Award Concepts, a leader in employee recognition programs and manufactured jewelry, celebrates its 30th anniversary. In 1985 co-founders Gordon Campbell and Bob La Frenier set out to develop cost-effective recognition programs for clients to demonstrate employee appreciation, enhance their corporate culture and produce successful return on investment. Over the last 30 years, Award Concepts has pioneered many new products and services, evolving into a leader for workplace recognition and organizational jewelry.