About Us

Since 1985, Award Concepts has been a leading designer and provider of successful employee engagement programs and products. We have partnered with thousands of organizations to build custom recognition and reward portfolios that engage, motivate and inspire people.

Your people will cherish our high-quality, brand-name products and handcrafted jewelry, while enjoying our refreshingly friendly and efficient customer care. We’re also proud to say that we make life easier for program administrators. When you partner with us, we manage most of the work so you can confidently focus on other responsibilities and department disciplines.

Our Mission, People and Vision

Our Mission is to develop and deliver exceptional, cost-effective recognition programs that assist our clients with their culture of employee appreciation and creative branding. We listen to your specific requirements and use our effective and time-honored methods to transform your business objectives into reality.

Our People are recognition and engagement professionals that share a passion for implementing successful programs utilizing years of experience and Best Practice Standards. We emphasize personalization and customization in order to promote the unique identities of our customers and the core values they espouse.

Our Vision is to inspire people to achieve their very best and excel at what they do through meaningful appreciation and recognition.

Awards and Recognition

The Santa Fe Symposium is a non-commercial event that brings together the best minds in the jewelry industry to discuss the latest ideas and advancements in jewelry manufacturing. Our Plant Manager has presented three published papers at this event: A Look at the Manufacturing of Emblematic and Corporate Award Jewelry, Gold-Filled: Its Usage in Jewelry Manufacturing and The use of Epoxy Resins In Jewelry Manufacturing.

We have received the following awards from the Santa Fe Symposium:

Industry Leader Award for Significant Contribution by a Manufacturer in Sharing Quality Technical Information within our industry.

Ambassador Award in recognition of his cumulative work and the significant contribution it represents to the jewelry industry.