What We Do

Our goal is to help you engage your people so you can grow your business. How do you do this? Implementing a successfully structured recognition program is key to motivating employees and enhancing their performance. That’s where Award Concepts comes in.

We understand that employees respond positively to appreciation and feel valued for their contributions. Through a culture of engagement and reward, we help you inspire people to perform with determination and to achieve their goals — and ultimately, your goals.

From consultation to fulfillment, Award Concepts strategically handcrafts, customizes and personalizes your program, and we do it on time and on budget. We collaborate with you to develop a truly unique program that recognizes years of service, sales achievements, retirements, safety milestones and other accomplishments.

Employee Recognition

Award Concepts understands the psychology and benefits of appreciation, and we create employee reward and recognition solutions that engage and inspire people, while showcasing your unique identity and core values. What type of employee recognition is right...

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Joining and participating in an organization is a source of pride and identity. Many members choose to wear an emblem of their organization as a way of displaying their pride in belonging and contributing to their community....

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Membership in a fraternity, sorority or honor society is a source of pride, identity and unity. Display your pride and pleasure in participating in your Greek organization with symbolic emblems and custom jewelry pieces. Choose from a...

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Health Science

Completing a health science program is a tremendous achievement. Award Concepts wants to help celebrate this very important milestone with an official pin that students can wear proudly to display their success. We manufacture custom graduation jewelry...

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Award Concepts enjoys a well-earned reputation for manufacturing high-quality, beautifully designed and elegant jewelry using precious metals and beautiful gemstones. This uncompromising standard has afforded us the distinction of building long-lasting loyalty with thousands of satisfied clients....

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Branded Merchandise

  Custom branded merchandise is an integral part of any comprehensive marketing campaign and can help build your business. Showcasing your logo on branded merchandise that captures the essence of your business can help you build a...

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