Health Science

Health Science

Completing a health science program is a tremendous achievement. Award Concepts wants to help celebrate this very important milestone with an official pin that students can wear proudly to display their success. We manufacture custom graduation jewelry and pins for university and college health science programs throughout the U.S.

Custom Health Science Pins

Award Concepts specializes in creating health science pins for graduation. Traditionally, lapel pins are conferred during the “pinning” ceremony that welcomes new graduates into the profession. These pins identify the school attended by each graduate.

Using the most advanced 3D CAD program, we produce your emblem — from concept to finished piece. We adhere to the highest quality standards throughout the design and manufacturing process of your school pins. We offer a full array of metal types and qualities to fit your students’ budgets, and we can match any color in your crest or seal.

We manufacture pins for a variety of health science programs, some of which include:

  • Nursing Pins (BSN Pins, ADN Pins, LPN Pins, RN Pins)
  • Radiologic Technology Pins
  • Surgical Technology Pins
  • Nuclear Medical Technology Pins
  • Athletic Training Pins
  • Respiratory Therapy Pins
  • Medical Assisting Pins
  • Dental Hygiene Pins
  • Occupational Therapy Pins
  • Physical Therapy Assistant Pins

Administrative Support

We understand that school staff have busy schedules so we take the administrative work out of having a pin program. Students can use our secure online store to order their pins directly from Award Concepts and the pins can be shipped to the students’ homes or to the school for presentation at a ceremony. We also work directly with campus bookstores for schools who wish to sell pins through the bookstore. We understand that each school is unique so we customize the logistics of your program to meet your needs.