Organizational Jewelry

Your source for world class organizational jewelry.

Joining and participating in a fraternal organization is a source of pride, identity and unity. Many members enjoy wearing an emblem of their organization as a way of displaying pride in belonging and contributing in this community.

Let Award Concepts assist you in creating symbolic jewelry pieces for the members of your organization to wear proudly, as they faithfully represent your mission and values to society.

We specialize in manufacturing custom jewelry for schools and organizations. Our master jewelers combine old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology to create coveted symbols of recognition and achievement. We are renowned for manufacturing high quality and elegant jewelry using precious metals and beautiful gemstones.

Award Concepts is the Official Jeweler for many organizations.

Since 1985, our uncompromising quality standard coupled with industry leading customer care has afforded us the honor of partnering with professional organizations and societies as their Official Jeweler providing world class symbols of enduring recognition.

If your organization is a current Award Concepts customer, please visit our Greek Retail Website to order official jewelry and accessories today!

Exceptional graduation and nursing pin programs.

Graduating students will admire our attention to detail as we create exquisite pins and memories that last a lifetime. Administrators will appreciate our program management options that include branded print order forms with your logo and custom websites that allow convenient online ordering for students and alumni.

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