What is Onboarding recognition?

It is an opportunity for best practice organizations to integrate new employees into the company’s unique culture of early engagement and appreciation.

It’s a great way for leaders to “officially” welcome new employees to the team and to thank them for their initial contributions. Onboarding recognition programs have a powerful impact on how an employee views his or her immediate supervisor and the values of the company.

More and more organizations are utilizing a proven methodology of early career appreciation moments to effectively drive down turnover and increase productivity. Studies have shown it can cost up to one and one-half times an employee’s annual salary for recruiting, hiring, training and lost productivity to replace that employee.

Let Award Concepts assist you with your Onboarding recognition.

Recognition is a key element in any Onboarding strategy. We have the knowledge and resources to structure and manage an effective program your employees will appreciate while facilitating the benefits you’re looking to achieve.

Appropriate Onboarding gifts:

  • Key rings
  • Lapel pins
  • Paper weights
  • Pens
  • Certificates
  • Badge holders
  • Charms

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