Unique programs. For unique organizations. For unique people.

Just like people, no two organizations are alike. Award Concepts specializes in the systematic design, customization, implementation and measurement of unique programs for a variety of industries.

Step one.
We start by listening to you. Utilizing our consulting and assessment platform we learn about your company and expectations. This process includes addressing your key data and demographics as well as determining your goals.

Step two.
Based on your objectives we use our proven methodologies and Best Practice standards to design and present you a unique recognition solution.

Step three.
Upon an agreement of the recognition structure we move on to formalizing the logistics and timing of the program launch stage to match your exact specifications.

Step four.
Measuring the initial impact of your recognition program is a key component in our solution process. Our baseline assessment and program measurement will make certain your goals are achieved and your return on investment is realized.

Step five.
Our Account Managers conduct comprehensive annual evaluations with administrators to ensure the effectiveness and success of your program.

Award Concepts is an internationally recognized awards company known for seamless implementation of new recognition solutions and for revitalizing existing programs in multiple marketplaces.