We optimize recognition strategies with creativity.

Award Concepts combines over 100 years of talent and creativity to assist you with your culture of performance and recognition.

Our inspirational creative skills can be found in our artists and designers who share a passion for imagining and creating splendid works of art that will truly impress you and enhance your brand.

With some workplace demographics now spanning four generations we also use our creativity to customize programs to include awards that appeal to your wide ranging cultural diversity.

We can also be creative in developing cost-effective and successful programs in a challenging economy that meet your budget requirements.

Designers that make a difference.

In order for a recognition program to effectively communicate the unique identities of our customers and the core values you espouse, a program design foundation based on your specific needs and vision is developed.

Our expert design team begins this process utilizing the consultative data collected to formulate a strategic and creative start-to-finish program plan.

Award Concepts designers are highly trained to facilitate this entire development process or we will collaborate in tandem with you and your marketing personnel.